Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Buttons from Riley Blake!

We have just received some darling new buttons from Riley Blake! 

How would you use these buttons?  What other colors or styles would you like to see?


  1. Adorable buttons! They might be just right for "flowers" on embroidered stems, on Madame's new project she is revealing! Maybe a border treatment, or small embellishments on the corners ...the gears are turning!!
    Jacque in SC

  2. I found a cute online pattern that calls for 2" buttons for huge yo-yo flowers. I've been unable to locate that large a size in the colors I want. I would love to see yellow and white in addition to the red. Thanks, Terri

  3. Very cute buttons, I would certainly like to see more. I knit a lot of toddler-sized children's sweaters and these buttons would be perfect for them. Also think they would look great with yo yos.

  4. These are so darned cute! Makes me anxiousof a someday grandaughter! Of course I'd have to get pink too!