Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Year’s Eve 2011 Twitter Party!

‘Tis that time once again to ring in the New Year with your nearest and dearest! Shabby Fabrics has teamed up with Stitch'n Heaven and a bunch of other really fun sponsors to ring in the New Year with prizes on Twitter! Not a Tweeter? That is O.K. ! Create your FREE Twitter account here. Then follow these easy "how to" party instructions: 

1. Go to www.tweetchat.com (or the platform of your choice if you have another you prefer)

2. Enter SHPARTY next to the hashtag (#) at the top of the screen. Once you do that all conversations and party goers for our party will show up in a list just below the top of the page.

3. Sign into Twitter if you aren’t already. You will be prompted to allow or deny the app to access your account. Click “allow".

4. You will be redirected to the party page where you will only see conversations for #SHPARTY partyers.

5. Use the text box to write your messages. No need to put #SHPARTY in each post because Tweetchat does that for you.

6. Party! We will post messages to the party and you respond. You’ll see the conversation roll. You may want to set the speed of messages, either slower to keep up or faster to get your messages almost as soon as they post without the delay. However you want, it’s your party! You can find how to set the speed right under your message box.

Remember we can all have fun in different time zones wishing one another a Happy New Year, well, aside from our awesome International customers who will be partying with us in the middle of the day! It will be so much fun and we know you will all be the best party guests!... and here's the best part, I don't have to do dishes after the party!

So. I'm sure everyone is wondering what will be offered at the party? Well, you can check the details here, but I can tell you that Shabby Fabrics is going to give away 5, $20 gift certificates throughout the night. We hope to see you all online on New Year's Eve!



  1. Looking forward to the twitter party hosted by Stitchin'Heaven New Years's Eve! I attended last years and it was sooo much fun and oo lala prizes!

  2. Oh how great! Sounds like lots of fun. Marking my calendar so I won't miss the Party. We'll find out the time later? I'll be checking back as well. Have a great Holiday!

  3. Hi Jodi,

    Here is a link to view more information on the Facebook Event Page for the party: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shabby-Fabrics/117173034973831#!/events/281830128530637/
    The time is listed as well as the prizes being donated by other sponsors. We're so happy you'll be in attendance!

  4. Love the party idea. I will put the date on the calendar.
    Happy New Year to all.

  5. Wheeee, I'll be there oh but what to wear? Formal/Informal Ack, jammies is the best. wine in hand, another bottle chillin', baileys and coffee for later.

  6. I'd love to see Rainbow Lollipops as a block of the month. You'd do a great job of picking out the fabrics so I know it would turn out great.