Friday, February 15, 2013

Fun New Fabrics!

The most amazing fabrics arrived today!  Take a look:

Let's all just take a moment to enjoy, shall we?
Aaaahhhh. My first thought when seeing these fabrics was SUMMER! We all need a new summer tote bag, don't we?
Can you picture the purple stripe in the Julia Bag with a polka dot interior? 
Julia Bag

Or, how about mimicking the colors shown in the aptly-named Simply Delicious Bag by using the aqua on the outside with a bit of the citrus peeking through?
Simply Delicious Bag
Can't choose your favorite?  Use all of the colors and create the Bow n Go Bag!
Bow n Go Bag
One last time, to inspire you....
Siren Song FQ Set - just $16!
How would YOU use these great fabrics?

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  1. Oh my gosh, my imagination is on the verge of exploding with ideas for this GORGEOUS new collection. Wouldn't it be great with just the Siren Song and coordinating solids of every possible color. I have a pattern called "Churn In The Dark" by Patti Eaton (In her book "Your Turn To Churn") that is screaming to to be made with this combination. It is made up of churn dash blocks, but when the placement of dark and light shades is correct, a huge churn dash block the size of the finished quilt appears. Perfect for Churn Dash lovers, LOL. Hugs...