Thursday, March 14, 2013

National Quilting Day!

Tomorrow, March 16, is National Quilting Day!  We've put together some ideas on how you can celebrate:

+Shop our Remnant Sale!  All of our remnants are 20% off through Sunday midnight PST.  Shop early for best selection.

+Use up some of your stash or practice piecing, applique, and embroidery techniques by downloading our free patterns!  Click here to go to our Free Patterns page.

+Invite friends over and have a quilting bee!  Quilting bees were extremely popular in colonial and pioneer eras, when ladies would gather together to quilt a project by hand.  Imagine being crammed inside a tiny living area, most of the space filled with a quilt in a frame, quilting and chatting with your neighbors and friends, while dinner bubbled on the stove and small children ran underfoot....and resulting quilt turned out beauitful!  (Bless those patient women!)  A modern version of a quilting bee could be inviting a group of friends over to work on quilting, sewing, or crafting projects.  Don't forget the refreshments - Shabby Fabrics recommends lots of chocolate!
    An artist's depiction of a quilting bee - notice the children underfoot?
+Learn a new technique!  Search the internet (YouTube is a great resource!), check the quilting section at your local library, ask a friend, or peruse our Reference section. 

+Teach someone how to quilt!  One of the Shabby Fabrics ladies - Becky - is starting to teach her granddaughters the basics of quilting.  Alyvia, Hannah, and Makena (ages 12, 11, and 10, respectively) have each had experience sewing garments through 4-H, but according to Becky, "They have never had to sew straight lines."  That and learning how to use a rotary cutter will be some of the first things they learn.  Each girl has chosen her fabrics and is excited to get started.  "It's a good way to spend time with my grandkids," says Becky.  I'm sure the girls will love it, too! 

+Organize your sewing space!  While this may not seem to be the most fun use of your time, the results will make future projects that much more delightful to work on!  Take a look at this Pinterest board for some excellent ideas. will YOU celebrate National Quilting Day? 


  1. My jaw is still hanging open from the unique and gorgeous fabrics. Very difficult to choose. I choose the neutral bundle as I can then choose to put touches of red on some of the designs in redwork. Example: rope swing with just that touch of will complement the red wallpaper in my living room. I would make elegant pillows for my French style sofa. Way to go did it again..the best for us customers.

  2. I'm hosting a quilt along at my house tomorrow!