Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blessings of Winter

Perhaps you've been with us since the beginning of The Blessings Series: you crafted flowers and watering cans in Blessings of Spring, ice cream cones and sailboats in Blessings of Summer, leaves and pumpkins in Blessings of Autumn....

Now it's time for snowflakes and hot cocoa!  That's right, Blessings of Winter is now complete!

This beautiful quilt was so much fun to design!  I love winter, so the snowflakes, snowmen, ice skates, and more were a joy to create.  The color palette is totally new for me, but I'm completely in love with it...what do you think? 
We're excited to offer this Block of the Month program in two ways: Traditional and Laser Cut.  
The Traditional version is for anyone who prefers hand applique. Receive your fabrics for each block as usual. BONUS: All of the snowflakes for the block will arrive die-cut for you! No fussing with itty bitty cuts!
The Laser Cut version is great for anyone preferring the fusible applique method. Receive all of your applique fabrics already fused and laser cut! All you need to do is peel off the paper, place, iron, and stitch! No need to spend hours tracing, cutting, and adding fusible webbing to each applique piece. Watch our quick YouTube video to see how it works! BONUS: All of the snowflakes for the block will arrive die-cut for you and backed with fusible webbing. 
We've had so much fun with The Blessings Series these last few years.  So many of you have become our friends through these quilts!  Perhaps I should create a new one that is "The Blessings of The Blessings Series!"   :)   
Reserve your spot today for The Blessings of Winter and join us for ten months of fun!
Which quilt in The Blessings Series is your favorite?  Do you have a favorite block in the Blessings of Winter?

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  1. All four quilts are lovely to see. The collars are very appropiate!