Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fabric Focus | Billet Doux

Subtle Petals - Vanilla
Verna Mosquera wrote a love letter to quilters and fabric lovers worldwide with her French-inspired Billet Doux collection for Free Spirit Fabrics. Here at The Shabby we're taking a closer look at her gorgeous designs.

According to Merriam-Webster, "billet doux" is French and literally means "sweet letter." Its first known use was in the year 1673. Perhaps Louis XIV, the reigning king in France at the time, wrote sweet love letters to his wife, Maria Theresa.

Shadow Rose - Smoke
The soft pinks, greens and grays that predominate this collection are a sweet combination and are bound to evoke warm feelings in anyone who gazes upon them.

Picture this...

The morning light is just beginning to peek through the trees and rose-covered trellises that surround the garden behind the French manor.

Fog is gently kissing the hills and housetops you see in the distance.

You are surrounded by the sweet aroma of roses as you sit on the stone bench.

As the birds begin to chirp, you open the crisp envelope you hold in your hands and pull out a sheet of pearl white paper.

Breathing in the beauty around you, you read the words your loved one has written to you of the enduring love that makes your relationship beautiful and timeless.

Full Bloom - Lace
Arabesque - Sky
 Verna Mosquera captured the essence of true love with her romantic and elegant collection, Billet Doux. Whether you are sewing something for a wedding, a loved one, your own home, or simply because this collection is too beautiful to pass up, the love you put into your project will pair with these fabrics as perfectly as two soul mates who have finally found the one they sought.

Billet Doux
We are pleased to be bringing Billet Doux to our customers at Shabby Fabrics. Order a Fat Quarter Set today or browse the entire collection and choose your favorites. We can't wait to see what this collection inspires in you! Comment below and let us know which fabric reminds you of a romantic moment in your life. Once you've completed a fabric "love letter," send us a picture at socialmedia[AT]shabbyfabrics[DOT]com.

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