Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Highlights of Quilt Market!

What a weekend! I had a great time in Houston for International Quilt Market, but I am also happy to be home so I can prepare some great new products for you. I saw so many inspiration quilts and fabrics this weekend--absolutely breathtaking! Some of the highlights of Market were being able to catch up with friends and talking about some of the latest quilt designs with the amazing ladies behind them.

Here's a short video of Anne Sutton talking about her new Block of the Month: I Believe in Snowmen. We just adore the redwork embroidery snowmen (but you probably already knew that if you read our special feature on I Believe in Snowmen!)

We wanted to make sure that you'll be able to finish this quilt before Christmas 2014 so we're offering it as a 7-month program starting May 2014. We have a limited quantity, so make sure you sign up here before we sell out.

Melissa Harris and Arlene Stamper, the mother-daughter duo of The Quilt Company, took time to share with you their favorite blocks from Follow Your Heart. This is another Block of the Month program that we are thrilled to be offering to you!

Follow Your Heart is a 6-month program beginning in January 2014 and running through June 2014. Sign up here, and you'll have a great project to begin once the hustle and bustle of the holiday season ends.

Another Block of the Month program I got to see in person was Bertie's Year by Bonnie Sullivan. All of the applique pieces are laser-cut which means there's no need for you to trace, cut out or turn the edges!

Bertie's Year - January
Bertie's Year - April
Bertie's Year - July
Bertie's Year - August
Bertie's Year - October

This program begins in December and runs through November 2014. Looking for a good excuse to get together with a girlfriend once a month for the next year? Order two sets here, and you'll both have an adorable monthly decoration for your home plus the perfect opportunity to get together, drink coffee and stitch.

Speaking of girlfriends, I got to meet up with Pearl P. Pereira who I have known for many years. I am always blown away by her gorgeously detailed quilts, and Happy Trails did not disappoint! We're offering the pattern set for her latest appliqued quilt, and I enjoyed being able to see her latest Baltimore Album Quilt in person.

I also got to see Beth Hayes, the editor of McCall's Quilting.

Jennifer and Beth Hayes
Our booth would not have been a success without all of Lynn and Rachael's hard work. We traveled down to Houston together and enjoyed meeting all the shop owners who stopped by our booth.

Lynn and Jennifer
Seeing my Blessings of Christmas Morning quilt displayed in the E.E. Schneck booth was like seeing an old friend too!

Here are a few more pictures from the weekend...

Many of the products you see here will be arriving soon! Check back to the website daily and visit the "What's New" section so you don't miss out.

Thank you for all the feedback you've given me here and on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter regarding Quilt Market. It was such an inspirational weekend, and I'm so excited about all the new things coming to Shabby Fabrics!



  1. It`s nice you have a fun days and there are awesome projects.Hope to go one day.Thanks for the great pics!!

  2. It is always fun getting a sneak peek at what's to come... looks like some seriously wonderful stuff! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  3. I assume the trio snowman in the window will be out shortly. Looked like it was in your latest email but then it said it is out of stock. Thanks

    1. Yes! We've just ordered more, so they are again available to purchase. http://www.shabbyfabrics.com/Winter-Window-P23272.aspx