Monday, November 18, 2013

Fabric Focus | Little Azalea

Little Azalea by Dena Designs for Free Spirit Fabric captured my attention when I first saw it. Blame my ever-present companion (who is becoming impatient to be born), but this collection also captured my heart when I heard about the inspiration behind the intricate designs.

Little Azalea Fat Quarter Set

Here's what Dena has to say about Little Azalea on Free Spirit Fabric's website:

"Katrina, one of my assistants, just had her first little baby. Her baby girl is beautiful and charming, and looks like a little vintage baby with round rosy red cheeks. Her name is Azalea, and so this new delightful collection of fabrics was inspired by and named after this darling baby. I hope you enjoy the Little Azalea fabric collection as much as we love little baby Azalea!"

Petunia Aqua

Thinking about how precious baby Azalea inspired such a beautiful line of fabrics makes me wonder what my baby will inspire in me and those whose lives he or she touches. I love the cross-over between the tangible and intangible that fabric and quilting provides. Quilts are so much more than an object. They represent love, personality and sacrifice.

Lantana Aqua

When I asked our Facebook fans about the most meaningful quilt they had made, I wasn't prepared for the deeply emotional and personal responses. Here's what Sheri D. said about which quilt was the most meaningful:

"My father's 'Thank you for your Service' quilt. I presented it to him on his 90th birthday last year. Although he had Alzheimer's, he still understood it was a special quilt in honor of his Military Service. He was always so proud of his service to his country. The quilt has just come back to me as he just passed away last month. It will always be the quilt that means the most to me."

Delphine Aqua

Just as Azalea's beauty and Dena's love for her were expressed through the collection, Little Azalea, each quilt you create carries with it a part of your heart.

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  1. I first learned about Shabby Fabrics from a magazine ad. Thank you for the chance to enter the give-a-way.