Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Meet Lynn

Lynn is on The Shabby today to tell you a little more about herself.

Jessie: Lynn, how long have you been at Shabby Fabrics?
Lynn: I started in January 2010, so I’m approaching my 4th anniversary here!

Jessie: What is your job here?
Lynn: My main job is managing all the Block of Month programs: processing the sign-up, setting up and maintaining the automatic re-billing, and shipping the blocks each month. I also participate in our trade shows: preparing and packing for them, managing the logistics, setting up the booth and—my favorite part—meeting our customers during the show.

Lynn and Jennifer at International Quilt Market Houston

Jessie: What do you like most about working here?
Lynn: I love seeing all the new fabric lines and patterns that come in. Just when I think I have seen the prettiest collection ever, another one comes to the warehouse and I fall in love all over again! It is a constant source of inspiration. I also love working with all my Block of the Month customers. In a typical day, I will either talk with or exchange e-mails with customers from all over the United States and even throughout the world, and the thing that links us is our love for quilting. I find it amazing how international this art is, and I have never met an unhappy quilter!

Jessie: Do you quilt?
Lynn: Oh yes! I love piecing; it’s my favorite thing to do. I also enjoy doing applique and just recently tried laser-cut. It was surprisingly fun, and no, I did not feel like I was cheating!

Lynn with her completed Vintage Rouge quilt,
a Block of the Month from a few years ago

Jessie: When did you start quilting?
Lynn: I started quilting when I started working here. My first quilt was a sample quilt for a trade show and I was hooked after that! With each quilt since then, I have challenged myself with different patterns and techniques. I really enjoy making sample quilts for trade shows. I recently made Blessings of Autumn - 2nd Harvest for International Quilt Market.

Give Thanks: another sample quilt Lynn made for a trade show

I also love making quilts for family and friends for special occasions. When I make a quilt for a particular person, I find myself thinking of them often while making it and each stitch is filled with love.

A quilt Lynn made for her mom with kaleidoscope blocks and Christian FQs

Jessie: What was your latest quilt for family?
Lynn: The last quilt I made for a family member was for my son’s high school graduation. I had made quilts for my daughter and grandmother, and my son asked me, “When are you making mine?” I hadn't expected him to want one, but he really did!

I used the Princeton collection which had browns, blues and creams in dots, hounds tooth and paisley—it was very masculine. I found a pattern that worked with the collection, made the quilt and surprised him with it—he loved it! It was one of the few things he took with him when he moved to Seattle recently.

Jessie: Tell us more about your family and background.
Lynn: I was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin along with my five sisters. My parents still live in Wisconsin. I moved to Seattle when I was 20 and lived and worked there for many years. I decided to move my family of three children to Spokane, Washington in 2000. I was tired of the traffic and had no family in Seattle but have a grandmother here. One of my sisters then moved to Spokane and lives right next door to me. On the weekends, she and I enjoy the hot tub in her backyard and long conversations!

A quilt Lynn made for herself

My oldest daughter, Rachael, is 20 and I have the pleasure of working with her every day at Shabby Fabrics. My son, Zach, is 18 and lives in Seattle. My youngest, Natalie, is 11 and in the 6th grade. My stepson, Justin, is 28 and lives close to us. We enjoy Sunday dinners with the kids as often as we can.  My husband, Jeff, is an elementary school teacher. He is a wonderful man who supports my quilting addiction! I am thankful that he understands the time that I need to quilt.

Lynn with her family

Jessie: What do you do when you’re not working?
Lynn: Quilt! I also attend Natalie’s volleyball games and other school functions. I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling.

Jessie: And finally, what is your favorite fabric collection right now?
Lynn: I love the colors and designs of Op Art Reflections. But I also love all the batiks we have in store. I haven't done a project with batiks yet, so I want to use batiks next.

Op Art Reflections

Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your story with us. What Lynn didn't tell you though was that her birthday was last weekend—and a milestone birthday at that! We celebrated on Friday with pizza and a cake.

There are not as many candles as it may seem!

Happy Birthday, Lynn! We are so glad you are a part of the Shabby Fabrics team!

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  2. Nice to 'meet' the lovely lady I've corresponded with in many emails. It's always a pleasure!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Great meeting you and learning a bit about you!!