Friday, November 21, 2014

Favorite Fabric Friday | Snowflakes

Today, way up here in Northern Idaho, we had our first sighting of snow! With the flurries of soft snowflakes landing quietly on the pavement, designing the winter wonderland that we all know and love, it was hard not to be inspired. Cozy quilts, warm hot cocoa, roaring fires and good books were all on our minds as we worked away.

 As I thought about what to post for our Favorite Fabric Friday, the answer was right there - coming down around us - Snowflakes! Lots and lots of snowflakes! The ladies here at Shabby Fabrics had so much fun picking out their favorite snowflake fabric and dreaming up their holiday project for this year. Here are some of their favorite picks!

Kelsey's pick is Bali Handpaints L2661-004 Black because it's a batik and she loves the different shades of gray.

Lisa, Tracey, AND Shaina's favorite fabrics (they had eyes for only one!) was Flaky Snow Pals 00526. They all loved it for different reasons, however. Lisa thought it was a cute version of a snow flurry and was imagining decorating her home with matching table runners to place holiday candles and such-- what a great idea! Shaina absolutely loves both light blue and snow so it was a perfect fit! And as for Tracey, the fabric reminded her of being snuggled up and warm, reading a book, on a blustery snowy day. Talk about a popular fabric!

My favorite Snowflake fabric is Holiday Flourish 7 14553-091 Crimson. This fabric is just the perfect image of Christmas to me - the vibrant red color with little specs of green. I also love love love that most of the snowflakes are made out of metallic gold! It adds a nice touch of shimmer without being too overwhelming.

Did you know that Shabby Fabrics has a Snowflake category? Check it out as you sit inside, planning out your holiday project! And now, we want to know:

What is your favorite Snowflake Fabric? 
Is it snowing where you live? 
What kind of holiday projects do you 
have up your sleeve this year? 


  1. In the past I've liked Laundry Basket's Snowflake batiks. We are having rain this weekend, not snow. What a pleasant surprise! I've got a holiday table runner that I'm working on plus I'd love to make the wool mini tree skirt that I've said I was going to make for the past 2 years!

  2. Ha ha, that's how it works, isn't it? We all have those projects that we've been meaning to do, but they just never seem to get done! Hopefully you can get it made in time, that would be amazing to have a homemade tree skirt!