Tuesday, December 30, 2014

4 Ways to Finish Your Laser Cut Appliqué Projects

4 Ways to Finish Your Laser Cut Appliqué Project | Shabby Fabrics

Recently, Jennifer filmed a video showing four different techniques for finishing the edges of a laser cut appliqué project. I thought it would be nice for you to get a chance to see all four styles up close and personal! I'll show you how the stitches look on the front and also on the back of the project so they are a little easier to see.

You can even play the video while you read along!

The first up is the Satin Stitch. This is the perfect finish for a blanket that you know will be washed many times. It leaves no raw edges and looks neat and tidy like cording wrapping around the entirety of your project. Here it is: 
4 Ways to Finish Your Laser Cut Appliqué Project | Shabby Fabrics

The next stitch is really popular right now and it is called the Blanket Stitch. Jennifer shows this stitch being done on a sewing machine but it can most certainly be done by hand as well. It gives a rustic country feel to any laser cut appliqué project.
4 Ways to Finish Your Laser Cut Appliqué Project | Shabby Fabrics

This stitch is a Zig-Zag Stitch and it is a lot more subtle than our first two. Still using beautiful coordinating thread, this stitch allows the appliqué to stand on it's own without a bold edging. This technique is perfect if you are planning a wall hanging, versus a quilt you will wash a lot because there are raw edges left after the sewing is complete.
4 Ways to Finish Your Laser Cut Appliqué Project | Shabby Fabrics

The last technique is different from the rest because it uses a clear thread. By only using clear on the top portion of the sewing machine and a coordinating thread on the bobbin, the end result is almost invisible on the front but shows the coordinating thread colors on the back (which obviously doesn't show). This technique should not be washed because the edges are raw.
4 Ways to Finish Your Laser Cut Appliqué Project | Shabby Fabrics

The adorable appliqué ornament shown in this post is a block from our Christmas Keepsakes Block of the Month program that starts in January 2015. Of course this is the Pre-Fused/Laser Cut option but we also have this BOM as a Traditional Option.

All of the threads (except for the clear thread) that Jennifer used for the finishing stitches on these projects are 100% Cotton MasterPiece Thread. We even have a set of threads to coordinate with the Christmas Keepsakes BOM!

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  1. Talk to be about washing.....what happens to the edges after the washing machine cleans the quilt --- Nervous about trying. I've only done needle turn applique.

    1. Thanks for your question, Melanie. For appliqué you need to make sure to secure the edges with whatever type of stitching you choose (it isn't limited to the types shown above) because when the project is washed the backing will start to lift off of the fabric that it is stuck onto. With stitching that leaves a raw edge, like the last two techniques shown in this post, the edges will star to fray but only to where the stitching is. If you use a method that leaves no raw edges like the satin stitch or blanket stitch shown above there will be no fraying whatsoever and your project will stay put forever! Whichever stitching you choose your project will stay on the fabric because it is sewn into place! Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions!