Friday, December 19, 2014

Fabric Roundup Friday | December 19, 2014

It's FRIDAY! A great day here on The Shabby because this is when all of the new collections get together and show off! FRF, as I just decided to call it, is quickly becoming one of our most popular posts and I look forward to writing it every week. This week at Shabby Fabrics we have four lovely new collections for you to take a peek at and I have to say, they may be some of my favorites... but I'll probably say that next week, too.

First of the four is this collection that is perfect for the world traveler in your life. World Maps by Sue Schlabach for Windham Fabrics is a wonderfully vintage looking collection featuring compasses and flat world maps (obviously!) along with accent fabrics that feature scrolls and stripes. The use of cream and black give this line great contrast that makes the nautical designs pop.
 Shabby Fabrics | World Maps by Sue Schlabach for Windham Fabrics

The next one is a whimsical collection called Retro 30's Child Smile by Lecien Fabrics. This charming line features prints that are a throwback right to the 30's and all things childhood. Bold, solid backgrounds offset the many different accents including chicks, circus tents, little daisies, and classic cherries. Take a look at how perfectly they captured the era in every single fabric- below there are 5 select fabrics from the collection, head over to Shabby Fabrics to see the rest!
 Shabby Fabrics | Retro 30's Child Smile by Lecien Fabrics

In the same childhood category as Retro 30's Child Smile we have an adorable, modern collection called Le Elephant by Ellen Crimi for Moda Fabrics. The darling illustrated designs in this line are sure to illicit that all-too-familiar "awwww! Cute!" moment. Simple, modern, elephant drawings are paired with bright alphabet prints making this the perfect collection for any nursery or baby blanket. Accent fabrics in pinks and blues tie this collection together making it a total package. Here are 5 of the fabrics from this collection:
 Shabby Fabrics | Le Elephant by Ellen Crimi for Moda Fabrics

The last collection in this week's FRF is 3 Sister's Favorites 2014 by Moda Fabrics. This beautiful collection is made up of two incredibly popular Moda collections by 3 Sisters called Paris Flea Market and Seaside Rose. The mostly floral line features many different coordinating colors including pinks, blues, reds, greens, creams, and yellows that all come together beautifully. Currently we are offering yardage of this collection in 34 different fabrics- here are just 8 of them for you to take a look at:
 Shabby Fabrics | 3 Sisters Favorites 2014 by 3 Sisters for Moda Fabrics

Remember, there are always new fabrics coming in at Shabby Fabrics that you can see at any time! 

Let me know what your favorite collection of the week is! I love reading your comments!

Until next time,

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