Monday, December 15, 2014

Handy-Dandy | Useful Sewing Tools for Beginnners

Are you just starting out with sewing as a craft or do you know someone who is a beginner? Here is a short list of some staples that will help anybody on their way from novice to expert! All of these tools can be found at Shabby Fabrics!

 Scissors- Snip in Style- Clear | Shabby Fabrics
Snip in Style with these adorable glitzy scissors! These stainless steal scissors feature clear gems and are ideal for snipping threads. They make perfect stocking stuffers and would look cute in your sewing room! Blade is approximately 4" long. 

 Olfa 45mm Rotary Cutter-Original | Shabby Fabrics
With the most popular blade size available (45mm), this original rotary cutter features a durable handle with a blade cover for safety. The cutter is a rolling razor blade used to cut materials into shapes, strips and pieces for sewing, quilting, and craft projects. Designed for both right- and left-handed use. Includes one blade. 

 Omnigrip ruler 6 1/2 inch square | Shabby Fabrics
This non-slip ruler is used with rotary cutters and straight edge blades. It features right and left-hand numbering as well as an angle system. It also has a diagonal line that is perfect for triangle cuts! It comes with an extra 1/2" on two sides for seam allowance. 

 Richard Hemming &Son Embroidery/Crewel Needle- 12 pack | Shabby Fabrics
This is a twelve pack Embroidery/Crewel sewing needle - Size 4. It is perfect to use with #8 Perle Cotton. Use when you stitch your RedWork, Embroidery and Penny Rug Applique designs. You will love the size of the needle's eye and size of the needle, too! Crewel/Embroidery needles have a long eye for easier threading a sharp point to the needle so that the stitches can be worked close together and there is more control for placing the stitches. 

 Micron 005 Pen- Black | Shabby Fabrics
Excellent for tracing embroidery designs, you'll love this pen! Sakura Pigma Micron Pen size 005 (.20mm) in Black. The ink is permanent, but the ultra fine point creates lines so small they are easily covered with embroidery. 

 Micron 005 Pen Set- 6 Colors | Shabby Fabrics
This is a package of the same Sakura Pigma Micron Pens as the pen seen above in the following colors: Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Green, and Purple. 

 Frixion Clicker Pen 2 Pack- Red | Shabby Fabrics
This is a two pack of Red Frixion Clicker pens which combines the convenience of a retractable pen with the incredible, erasable FriXion gel ink! Great for marking patterns and lines for embroidery work. Pens are refillable. Fine point 0.7mm.
These pens feature a unique thermo-sensitive gel ink that disappears when you apply heat -- simply iron your fabric after you finish your embroidery and the ink will disappear!

With these handy tools you'll be ready to sew anything in no time!

Good luck, and happy stitching!

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