Monday, January 19, 2015

We Heart Wreaths | DIY Tutorial

Required Supplies:
1.5 yards of fabric OR 6 fat quarters
12 inch wire wreath frame (doesn't have to be heart shaped)- you can get these anywhere that sells floral supplies
Scissors or rotary cutter

Before we get into the step-by step I want to let you know a few notes about the wreath frames and design possibilities-.

Firstly, they sell the adorable heart shaped wreath frames at Hobby Lobby year round as well as at Joann Fabrics. I haven't found anywhere else that sells them but you can always order them online from either of the aforementioned stores. This project uses 12 inch heart frames and if you are looking to create a round wreath just make sure it is also a 12 inch wire form!

As for design options, the possibilities are endless! In most of the wreaths I made, I used three different fabrics. Since the project requires 1.5 yards OR 6 fat quarters of fabric this comes out to 1/2 yard or 2 fat quarters of each fabric! So simple! You can use as many or as few different fabrics as you would like.

There are three rings to the wreath form so you can do a single color per ring, alternate with two rings of one color and one ring of another, create stripes going around the wreath, make an ombre design with three shades of one color, or go completely random with the fabrics! Honestly, there is not one that is cuter than another, you can't go wrong! I will put pictures of a few of my designs at the end of this post!

Here is the accompanying video tutorial for this project if you would like to follow along with that:

Now on to the step-by-step...


Step One-
Cut fabric into 1" x 7" strips using your scissors or rotary cutter. I made wreaths using a straight edged rotary cutter and a rotary cutter with a pinked edge so you can see the difference! The one made with a pinked edge is very ruffly and shabby-chic but both are totally adorable!
Shabby Fabrics | DIY Scrappy Heart Wreath

Step Two-
Fold a strip of fabric in half and slip in under one ring of the wreath frame creating a loop on one side and two loose ends on the other.
Shabby Fabrics | DIY Scrappy Heart Wreath

Step Three-
Pull the two loose ends through the loop and pull tight.
Shabby Fabrics | DIY Scrappy Heart Wreath

Step Four-
Continue looping strips on the form all the way around the wreath, you can work in rows across all three rings or work all the way around one ring before moving to the next, it's your choice!
Shabby Fabrics | DIY Scrappy Heart Wreath
Here is a view of the back!

Here are a few pictures of some of my finished projects-

First, is a cute red and white option using our A Year of Love collection by Holly Hill Designs for Henry Glass Fabrics. I hung a little ornament from the wreath frame to add a little something extra!
Shabby Fabrics | DIY Scrappy Heart Wreath

The next wreath was made with strips cut with a pinking blade and has no rhyme or reason in its design. I used the Sweetheart collection by Peggy Toole for Robert Kaufman Fabrics which has lovely hints of gold!
Shabby Fabrics | DIY Scrappy Heart Wreath is what the back looks like-
Shabby Fabrics | DIY Scrappy Heart Wreath

Here is an ombre wreath using three solid colors going from dark at the top to light at the bottom. All I did for this one was mark out three sections wreath frame with a marker before I started looping my fabric on!
Shabby Fabrics | DIY Scrappy Heart Wreath
...and the back-
Shabby Fabrics | DIY Scrappy Heart Wreath

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Let me know if you have any questions in the comment below!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Thanks for sharing the wreath tutorial and pics. I believe I need to make a wreath! Thanks!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment! You will have so much fun making these wreaths!