Friday, February 13, 2015

NEW Kimberbell Pillow Kits!

They're here! Our Kimberbell Pillow Club has been so popular that we have decided to give the people what they want and release each pillow as an individual kit! These 13 kits each include the pattern, all fabrics, embellishments, and laser-cut appliqué pieces needed to finish one bench pillow! The pillows designed by Kim Christopherson finish to approximately 16"x38" and there is sure to be a great design for each month of the year or your favorite holiday!
The individual kits sell in Our Shop for $49.00 each plus shipping but if you are thinking about making even a few of these pillows, the monthly club is a great option! As a member of the Kimberbell Pillow Club you will pay only $47.00 a month with free domestic shipping or $10 international shipping! It is easy to see why these adorable pillows are so popular so get them now, while supplies last!

Now onto what you are here for- a closer look at these cute pillows and some of their details:

Kimberbell Pillows for January and February
Kimberbell Pillows for March and April
Kimberbell Pillows for May and June
Kimberbell Pillows for July and an International Option
Kimberbell Pillows for August and September
Kimberbell Pillows for October and November
Kimberbell Pillow for December

What is your favorite pillow from this line? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. I really cannot decide. I love the 3 dimensional wreath, spring, flower pots, penguin. I love them all! They are very tempting!

  2. I have loved the watermelon one since this line was first announced!

  3. They're all so cute but I love the spring one!

  4. My favorite has to be the winter with the 2snowmen with penguin in the middle. Cute as a button.

  5. My favorite is the April "Welcome Spring" pillow with the cute little rainboots. It makes me smile. :o)

  6. 'M a red, white & blue gal & love the America design.

  7. Love the kite, watermelon, flower pots. Wish l could afford them all, but the postage ruins it. So so cute.