Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dresden Wreath Wall Hanging using Strip-It | Tutorial

Would you believe me if I told you that this wall hanging could be finished in one day? Yeah, I wouldn't believe me either from just looking at it, but it's true! Each on of those two-toned petals is made of one piece of fabric! Still aren't convinced? Let me show you how this illusion is created...

First of all, we used this lovely fabric from Marcus Brothers called "Strip-It" that has the perfect pattern for creating striped petals.
 Marcus Brothers Strip-It | Shabby Fabrics

Then, we used the Dresden Ruler from Creative Grids to start creating our petals.
 Creative Grids Dresden Ruler | Shabby Fabrics

After that, we just put it all together!

Did I lose you? Let's have Jen take it from here- check out the tutorial below for more on how to create this beautiful quilt!

Products featured in this video:
Dresden Wreath Wall Hanging Kit

Dresden Wreath Wall Hanging Pattern

Dresden Ruler (Required for project!)

Strip-It Fabric from Marcus Brothers

Spinning Rotary Mat

Prairie Pointer Pressing Tool

9 Piece Applique Kit

Sealing Iron

Roxanne's Glue Baste-it

Olfa Rotary Cutter


  1. This is just fantastic.thanksk for the tutorial!

  2. This is beautiful. If I made one for a gift I would be afraid that once it was finished I could not give it away. :) I love Christmas and sewing makes it all the more fun and heart warming knowing that your making the item for someone that comes from the heart with love.