Thursday, March 17, 2016

Easter Tutorials from Shabby Fabrics

 Shabby Fabrics

As many of you probably know, we have a YouTube channel where we post tutorials for a whole variety of crafting projects. We have easy-to-follow videos for sewing, quilting, and DIY projects that even beginners love. Many of these videos are for holiday projects and today we are going to bring all of our Easter projects together into one place for you to see!

First up is a project that parents and grandparents will love! This is a tutorial showing step-by-step how to create an adorable Easter bucket. This little bucket features our Shabby Fabrics exclusive Shabby Shapes all around it in the form of bunnies and Easter eggs, adding tons of cuteness! The neatest thing about this project is that you can leave off the handle and create a storage bin instead!

Second on this features list is our newest Easter project and we are loving it! This tutorial shows you how to make darling pillows featuring little cottontail Easter Bunnies! The main skill shown in this video is fusible applique, which may sound scary to some of you, but Jen takes the time to explain it clearly so it is easy to understand. As a bonus to this project we have a free template for the bunny available in Our Shop!

Last on our Easter tutorial list is more of a skill than a full project but is still very Easter-y nonetheless! This video shows you how to easily ruche ribbon, which is a super cute detail on our Easter Egg Table Runner. This runner was designed at Shabby Fabrics and features patchwork Easter Eggs and would be a beautiful addition to any Easter dinner table!

That concludes our list of Easter tutorials from our YouTube Channel! Of course we have many, many Easter kits, patterns, and projects available at Shabby Fabrics so be sure to check those out!

Let us know in the comments below which of these projects is your favorite or if you have tried any of these!

Happy Easter from Shabby Fabrics!

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