Friday, May 22, 2015

How to Make Decorative Christmas Tree Pillows!

So we totally know that Christmas is pretty far away but with all of the festive collections that we have been getting we couldn't resist starting our decorations a little bit early! Today we are showing you how to make some really simple, but adorable, throw pillows! This is a beginner-friendly project and we are excited to share it with you so let's get started...
In today's project we used Holly's Tree Farm by Sweetwater for Moda, available now at Shabby Fabrics!

FREE pattern downloaded from Shabby Fabrics
Fabric of choice- this is a fat-quarter-friendly pattern!
Scissors or a rotary cutter
Roxanne Glue-Baste-It and/or pins
Pillow filling

Step One:
Cut your background and pillow backing pieces. Cut two pieces to 16.5"x16.5" and two pieces that are 17"x20"

Step Two:
Print out the free pattern from Shabby Fabrics for the Christmas tree shapes and cut out the templates.
Step Three:
Place template pieces face-up on the right side of the fabrics of your choice and cut the fabrics to size using a rotary cutter or scissors. Pinning the templates in places guarantees that they won't move while you are cutting your fabric.
Step Four:
Find the center of each of your back ground pieces by folding them in half once and then in half again, pressing to create a crease that marks the center. I have added two pins in the photo below to help show this step a little more clearly.
Step Five:
Using the guide on your pattern, place your fabric pieces onto the fabric in your desired arrangement. I left about a quarter of an inch between my pieces to add some interest but you could definitely have the pieces touching!
Step Six:
Secure the pieces in place using basting glue or pins. I used both just to be sure they stayed put!
Step Seven:
Using a scant quarter of an inch seam and a straight stitch, stitch the pieces down to the background. You can use a coordinating thread for this step but I used white to keep it a little bit modern. When you are finished sewing your pieces down, pull any threads to the back and secured them by tying a knot.
Step Eight:
Place your background and pillow backing pieces with their right sides together and stitch around the edge using a half inch seam allowance, making sure to leave an opening on the bottom edge that is large enough for the pillow to be flipped outside-right and to be stuffed. Clip the corners off just outside the seam allowance for pointier corners.
Step Nine:
Flip your pillow outside-right and iron it to get rid of any wrinkles. Stuff it with your pillow filling until it reaches your desired amount of fluffiness!

Step Ten:
Whip stitch the opening closed and you are all finished with your pillows!

Let us know in the comments below if there are more DIY project tutorials you would like to see here on The Shabby!

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  1. The tree pillows are adorable. I love the Holly's Tree farm fabrics. Why wait to make these adorable Christmas pillows when everything is available now, right?
    I'm having trouble finding the download for the tree patterns. Am I missing it? Everything I click on take me to the directions but no patterns.
    Thank You! Pamela

    1. The free download is the very bottom of website. Here is the link:

      Thank you,

    2. I found it! Click on the word "Diagram" for both the small and large trees.
      I was looking for a "download here" button.

      Thank you for sharing the pattern. Its precious!

  2. Hi, I'm having the same problems as Pamela, every time I try to find the download it defaults to the directions.

    1. Hi there, Tina! We have fixed the issue and there is now a large "Download Here" button on the free downloads page!


  3. I can see the diagram so hopefully you can too at this link

    Thank you,

  4. You have to highlight the link and open it in another tab.

  5. Thank you so much for this tutorial - and all of them!! Can't wait to get going ;)
    Debby E